Amber Jewellery

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Love. Thankfulness. Trust.
Beautiful rosaries with amber.
Prayer of miracles.

Muslim Prayer Beads

Powerful Amber. Beautiful Natural Stone.
High Quality Rosaries.
Contemplate Your Life.


Useful. Essential.
Baltic Amber Brooches, Chains, Prayer Beads.
A precious companion.


Luxurious. Unique. Fabulous.
Magnetizing Baltic Amber Rings.
An extraordinary gift.


Distinguished. Unique. Luxury.
Delightful Baltic Amber Bracelet.
A doze of luxe.


Subtle. Sophisticated. Elegant.
Adorable Baltic Amber Pendants.
A charm highlighting.

For Him

Elegant. Classic. Refined.
Baltic Amber Cufflinks, Tie Clip, Bracelets.
For unusual man.


Unique. Luxurious. Beautiful.
Tempting Baltic Amber Necklaces.
Insignia of your style.


Classic. Simple. Elegant.
Fancy Baltic Amber Earrings.
A gracious finery.

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5 reasons why BALTYCKI

5 reasons why BALTYCKI

The best choice is guided by classic and natural beauty. We create a collection of classic jewelry of the highest quality. We pay attention to the tradition and we have the good of our planet in order. The products in our offer are created with the...

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What is an Amber? Where does it come from?

What is an Amber? Where does it come from?

Have you ever wondered what an amber really is? Where does it really come from? What is its history? Is it an ordinary stone, or maybe amber is more than any other stone or mineral? Let me tell you the story, and then you will rediscover this extraordinary fossil and...

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The power of amber

The power of amber

Amber - the stone of life Amber is one of the oldest materials used for decoration. Because of the grate power has been valued and used from the centuries. It is a petrified resin of conifers. Amber contains the essence of life, when you touch it you will feel its...

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Scent of amber and amber perfumery

Scent of amber and amber perfumery

In ancient China, it was customary to burn amber during large festivities. If amber is heated under the right conditions, oil of amber is produced, and in past times this was combined carefully with nitric acid to create "artificial musk" – a resin with a peculiar...

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Amber room

Amber room

Most famous amber creation in history is Amber Room. Combination of unbelievable ammount of amber, gold and mirrors. Originally constructed in the 18th century in Prussia, the Amber Room disappeared during World War II and was recreated in 2003. Before the room was...

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The Amber Road

The Amber Road

The ancient amber trade routes brought faraway nations into contact with one another and served as a communications and trade hub. As a luxury item found only in a few widely dispersed areas, amber was one of the few products deemed worthy of transporting such long...

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