About Us

Deep in the sea…In the water of Baltic there is a sign of the past. Drops with millions of years of history. Existing, yet unappreciated for ages. They call it the gold of the sea…this is Baltic amber.

The Baltycki online store offers you the Finest collection of Baltic Amber Jewellery. Carefully selected from high grade amber, most of the Baltycki Baltic Amber Jewellery Collection items  are  unique  and singular.  Because of this the pieces are special and extraordinary. All the items are made with original and natural amber from the Baltic Sea area. We can offer you a varied selection of valued gold, gold plated and silver jewellery. All the products of our Baltycki Collection are manufactured in Poland – the country of  our amber’s origin. It is Made by people who work with passion and who have several generations of experience working with amber. Most elements of the jewellery are handmade, including the lovingly crafted amber jewel.

Discover the beauty from the depth of the Baltic Sea

Dicover the timeless collection of the Baltic Amber jewellery.

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