Baltic Amber Prayer Beads Tasbih 

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Stone: Baltic Amber
Colour: Cognac
Item perimeter: 35 cm
Approx item weight: 21 g
Diameter of stone: 1 cm

This wonderful Baltic Amber Prayer Beads Tasbih is made of Cognac colour of Amber. The perimeter of the Prayer Beads is 35 cm.

Beautiful and full of power Baltic Amber Prayer Beads Tasbih. Feel the beam with energie of the Baltic Amber. Contemplate your life and your thoughts with the natural stone from the Baltic See. Find an oasis of calm in the Baltic Amber Prayer Beads and have it all the time with you to feel the sense of the nature. Take it with you to discover the beauty of the life.

Manufactured with high quality and perfectly design. This Amazing Baltic Amber Jewellery item has an own cerificate corroborating an authenticity of the Baltic Amber and will be delivered to you in an exlusive box. Create Your Own Baltic Amber Jewellery Collection.

Baltic Amber is a fossilized resin of coniferous trees. In this resin are buried traces of the history – fossils, insects, plants. It is an amazing sign of the past. There are a different colours of amber from the light lucent yellow, honey, butterscotch, cognac, to dark cherry and brown. Amber has a healing powers especially in the severe form to help us in the physical and mental conditions. Amber could help in the rheumatic and throut problems and can help you also to fight with the pain. The energy of the Amber soothe the stress and exhaustion. The Baltic Amber is well known and appreciated from ages it was used already in Palaeolithic. Was highly valued also in the Roman Empire.

Now you can have the chance to discover this amazing natural power of Baltic Amber. Discover the Baltycki Baltic Amber Jewellery Collection and appreciate personally this wonderful gamstone from the Baltic See.

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Weight 21 kg

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