Amber – the stone of life

Amber is one of the oldest materials used for decoration. Because of the grate power has been valued and used from the centuries. It is a petrified resin of conifers. Amber contains the essence of life, when you touch it you will feel its warmth.  When rubbed on wool they charge themselves electrically, they are like a spark – a life-giving element. Amber is a symbol of women’s power.

Amber – health protection

Despite the high price, amber is a good investment, its value is constantly growing and it is being appreciated all over the world. Amber necklaces have been used  as powerful protective amulet from centuries. Especially protects children, this ages a lot of people on all continents are giving an amber necklace for children to protect their health. The same effect you will achieve when you put the amber in the place where you are staying . Amber absorb negative energy and emit positive solar energy and also cleans the environment where is lockated. Amber also cleanse your body, your mind and your soul.

Amber – discovers natural beauty

Amber improves beauty and our attractiveness. It attracts friends and brings happiness. Amber magnetic features are used to attract love. When you are looking for a partner, it is worth to wear amber close to your heart.

Amber – the stone of fertility

Amber is also used in the fight against infertility. In the past, women wore amber-carved images of frogs, fish and rabbits, and men – in the shape of lions, dogs and dragons. Such figures strengthened their fertility and vitality.

Amber – for various ailments

Amber beads have been protecting health for many centuries, soothe and cure diseases. It prevents and treats attacks of convulsions, deafness, mental illness, sore throat, ear pain, head pain , tooth pain. It helps with asthma, rheumatism and digestive problems. Amber kept in hand helps to reduces fever.

Amber – strengthens the eyesight

Amber worn on and on itself helps to strengthen the eyesight. It is believed that looking through amber helps to sharpen the eyesight.

Amber Power

It is a strong stone in all areas of our activity. It strengthens your strength, attracts love, money, success and protects our health. The orange color of amber symbolizes enlightenment, personal power, energy and growth. They help to regain faith in their own strength. They increase success in life and is a symbol of success.

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