Have you ever wondered what an amber really is? Where does it really come from? What is its history? Is it an ordinary stone, or maybe amber is more than any other stone or mineral? Let me tell you the story, and then you will rediscover this extraordinary fossil and understand why it is so appreciated and where its hidden power comes from.

The place of the present Baltic Sea was 40 million years ago overgrown by amber forest, and at the place of today’s coast was the water, shallow Eocene Sea. The land was not calm like it is nowadays. Frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions fell amber-bearing trees, and these over time were covered with layers of soil and ash. This is how the first amber deposits were created, which over the years under the influence of erosion began to move with the river current. These trees began to settle in the present Gulf of Gdansk. Smaller pieces were also seteled in the places of today’s central and southern Poland, as well in Ukraine. When the land was covered with ice, along with the ice sheet, the layers of amber moved with it. Small deposits have even reached Germany, Canada, and also Siberia. Currently, amber is leached from the Baltic Sea to the Gulf of Gdansk, but its quantity has been decreasing for years due to the sweetening of the Baltic Sea water.

Knowing the history of the creation of this extraordinary living fossil, we will look at the amber eye of our ring in another way. Is it not the hidden time? Imagine this ancient amber forest, these trees dripping with resin, this wild nature, unpolluted by human. Imagine how a drop of this amber resin, absorbed into the soil, where then subjected to millions years of the time and immeasurable wanderings, one day it flows to the beach of the Baltic Sea, and then be crowned as a precious stone and bound in gold or silver. This drop of millions years and wandering is the amber eye of your ring. It’s your amber pendant,it is your amber necklace … It is not just jewelry, it is the jewels of hidden time.

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